Smugcast: Awesome slides done quick

I’m feeling very prolific lately! Enjoy nerds!

Fix Your Presentations

A quick walkthrough of my writing and publishing process for everything.

Content vs Presentation

  • Think like a programmer
  • Do not author in the output format

Nerds Like Text

  • It’s searchable
  • It’s Cross Platform
  • No special viewers
  • It’s SMALL

Minimize Friction

  • If you can remove the things that get between your thoughts and your words, you’re gonna have a good time.


If you are a programmer who does not use and love markdown, what the fuck mate, get with it.

Not just for slides

Do this for your:

  • Design Docs
  • Blog Entries
  • Meeting Notes

Honorable Mention

  • Org-Mode: A super advanced
  • reStructured Text
  • LaTex

Get the Tools

  • Decent Text Editor (Emacs, Vim, VsCode, Sublime, Atom?)
  • RevealJS
  • Pandoc



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