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Here are my notes from my talk at The Iron Yard Dallas

I had a lot of fun over there and if you’re currently walking the lonely road of the self-made developer and need a foothold, check them out. This is not a sponsored post, they are just really cool people.

Welcome to the community

Unscientific Poll

Are you here for:

  1. The money?
  2. The code?
  3. The lulz?

Dunning Kruger

  • The less you know, the more you think you know.
  • Applies to Most .Net developers

Imposter Syndrome

high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

What’s next?

After you leave here, what happens?

  • You join the workforce
  • You become a “real” programmer.

Life Long Learning

Graduation isn’t the end

  • “Job Security” means knowing more than can be automated cheaply
  • Having a satisfying career means not just churning out code for others.

Be a Voracious Reader

Programmers stereotypically don’t talk much, but we sure as hell write a lot.

  • /r/programming
  • Ted Dziuba
  • DHH

Recipe: A good time

  • Your Pajamas
  • Flux (for dimming your monitor)
  • A nice glass of your favorite sippable adult beverage
  • bourbon, scotch, brandy, cognac
  • https://github.com/rails/rails

Watch / Listen

  • Handmade Hero
  • This Developers Life

Make Something

  • A resume only gets you past the recruiter.
  • Any portfolio will set you apart from the other candidates.
  • A good portfolio will put you at the top of the list.

Case Study: Shon


Write Something

Writers get a nice break in one way, at least: They can treat their mental illnesses every day. – Kurt Vonnegut

Blog For Yourself

  • It proves you have a pulse
  • Practicing keeps you sharp
  • This industry is frustrating

Anyone Can Do It


  • Like
  • Subscribe
  • Validate Me


  • Be a good citizen
  • Get active in the community
  • Submit Issues
  • Learn the culture


  • Open source software is vital
  • Giving back is easy
  • You might find a mentor
  • You will definitely learn something

Get Involved


Why does anyone do anything?

  • Gain Confidence
  • Show Your Work
  • Make More Money


  • I’m a professional programmer Smug Developer. AMA!

Yours Smugly,


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